'Fab On The Fly' Beauty Trio

'Fab On The Fly' Beauty Trio

$ 12.99

Touch down and rock the runway looking instantly fabulous with our 'Fab On The Fly' beauty trio - great for travel or simply on the go!

Beauty Balm It's our miracle problem fixer: a few drops instantly eliminates static and flyaways, adds shine and hydrates split ends. Smooth over hair to calm messy bedhead and reduce frizz, or 'scrunch' in to define curl and enhance beach waves.

Face itPomegranate, green tea & cucumber mist relieves dry or 'stressed-out' skin. Use to tone & refresh before applying cosmetics or spritz over mineral powder for a fresh and dewy look.

 Glossify 24/7 Lip Treatment Balm Plumps and hydrates, smooths fine surface lines and improves lip contour.  Can increase lip volume up to 40% when used 3x daily for 30 days.


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